Stanislaus County Law Library

Before you begin
  • This information applies only to convictions that occurred in Stanislaus County
  • All convictions must be dismissed in the county where the convictions occured

Required Information From Conviction

  • The case number
  • The date of conviction
  • The charge

All of the above is available at the Stanislaus County Superior Court Clerks Office, Criminal Division, room 140

Forms Required

The following forms are used to dismiss your record in Stanislaus County.

Other Important information

  • A packet with the required forms may be purchased from the either Stanislaus County Law Library or the Stanislaus Superior Court Clerks Office, Criminal Division, room 140 for $2.50
  • There is no charge to dimiss your record in Stanislaus County
  • A dismissed record does not disappear fully. For more information please visit the Stanislaus County Law Library. The following handout will help you begin your research about the effects of the dismmissal process
    Life After Dissmissing Your Adult Criminal Record